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Hi All

I’ve recently faced a problem, on accessing my SharePoint web Site.

The default website is accessed e.g. at http://sharepoint/. This URL is working fine internally.

When we try to access from outside the organization, it’s not accessible.


To access the site internally as well outside the organization. We need to follow the Following Steps

1)      Go to Central Administration

2)      You will find “OPERATION” Section. Click It.


3)      Under Operation Tab Go to Global Configuration

Global Configuration



4)      Under Global Configuration Section you will find Alternate Access Mappings. Click It

Access Mapping



5)     Under Alternate Access Mappings you will find all web application or SharePoint Site Listed



6)      Click Add Internal URL

Internal URL


a)      Select  a site for  Alternate Access Mapping Collection  Section

b)      Add Internal URL

c)       Select Zone à internet for Global Access

d)  Click Save



Hope you like this Post.








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